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Tips to Repair a Vibrating Washing Machine

A washing machine is very important machines in our day to day activities. This is because the machines help us in cleaning our clothes and other clothes related products. When the washing machine is operating, there are usually some little noise and slight vibrations from it because the washing machine is on its spin cycle which causes those little noises and the vibration. When the vibration or the noise from the machines becomes too much, it causes a loud disturbance and this can lead to damage to the floor because of the rapid vibration. The problem which causes unwanted vibration could be something that can be fixed easily.

Below are the top tips for repairing the vibrating washing machine and their causes. They include:

Tip#1 Unbalanced Load

Weight imbalance on the washing machine might be the main reason for excess vibration in your washing machine. Always ensure the load put in the washing machine is evenly distributed so as to avoid unbalanced load which causes the gravitational force caused by the load to push the clothes against the drum’s outer surface which makes the washer to vibrate.

If the load is concentrated on one side of the washer, it makes the machine to be in a state of imbalance. Therefore ensure the load inside the washer is uniformly distributed by mostly avoiding single items as possible since they cause load imbalance

Tip#2 Leg Adjustment

Always the washing machine should be well situated on a flat level surface. Placing the washing machine on flat surfaces help the machine in maintaining the right position and in case of any vibrations, they will not be so intense because the machine legs are well supported by the floor. In cases where the machine is not well placed on a level surface, the legs will try to reposition themselves because of the slight vibrations from the washer.

Therefore due to the vibrations caused by the washing machine, the machines will vibrate excessively because its legs are not correctly positioned on the floor and thus causing an intense vibration. Hence it is important to adjust the leg and ensure they are in contact with the floor.

Check the floor leveling using the construction level tool to be sure that the machine and the floor are correctly in position.

Tip#3 Ensure You Have A Sturdy Floor

Some floors have a stability problem and whenever a person walks on those floors they shake. Therefore in case, there is excessive vibration from the machine, such shaking floors may be the cause.

This problem can be repaired by supporting the floor using some pieces of wood so as to ensure the floor will not be shaking because whenever the machines vibrate, the vibration will be amplified by a shaking floor.

Therefore it is wise to ensure you look for a professional floor expert to resolve the shaky floor.

Tip#4 Check Your Stacking Kit

Most of the washing machine comes with the best stacking kit that is made up of metal frames and is used to ensure correct mounting the upper and lower unit.

Therefore ensure there are secure connections using the stacking kit.

Tip#5 Get The Washing Machine Vibration Pads

When the washing machines are vibrating violently, it is important to buy the vibration pads that are meant to reduce the excess sound produced by the vibrating machines.

Most of the vibration pads are made up of molded rubber that assists in absorbing the excess vibration from the machine.

The vibration pad is placed in a way that the washer sits upon them and therefore absorbs the vibrations.

Finally, if you check the above tips and still the excess vibrations persist, it is essential to call some reinforcement from the experts to assist you in solving the issue.

Therefore by considering the above tips, definitely they will assist you in repairing your vibrating washing machine easily.